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My S-AWD Pump Failure story

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Well at 42,000 miles, a tad out of warranty i get the nice ding of the S-AWD Pump Failure on my dash.  This was a new one for me and I instantly thought it may be a show stopper for driving my EVO any further.  After some research it appears this is yet another problem the Evolution C owners are facing all over the US and Canada where we see cold weather and salty on the roads.  Apparently the motor that build hydraulic pressure is a sealed motor, yet salt enters this and causes the motor to fill with corrosion.  Once this happens the motor is no longer able to hold enough pressure to keep the S-AWC system, running.  You can no longer change from Tarmac , snow or gravel, nor can you watch the power distribution as its no longer working.  You now have a $1700 bill from the dealer to replace this entire pump as the motor is not replaceable without a major hydraulic swap.  Calling the dealer will get you a "Oh I never heard of that failing before" message but they happen to have 2 new units in stock?  Yet another letdown on a $35,000 plus car at 40,000 miles.  All I can say is lease these if you want one and do not buy a used one.


Here is a fun fact I learned today after getting my recall notice for the S-AWC pump I paid $1700 + to replace.  Send us the original receipt and we will refund you.  And if you do not have the Orig then get one from your dealer you had the work done at along with a copy of the credit card statement or proof of purchase.  Not to bad unless you do not have a receipt and the dealer is no longer in service.  I Had my work done at Valley Mitsubishi in Ohio, they are no longer in existence and have no records.  Most reputable manufactures keep records on all the cars, Mitsubishi DOES NOT.  Each dealer is independent and your SOL like me if you misplaced the receipt.  Off to small claims court with this web record and cc receipts.

I will never recommend a Mitsubishi nor ever buy one again.



at 104 thousand miles pump failed again!!  No help as 4 miles over is 4 m iles over the new extended warranty!