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Drivers side knock in my 2008 Mitsubishi Evolution 10

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OK, Along with my other issues I have already covered, I have even more.  When I took my Mitsubishi Evolution into Rick Case Mitsubishi in Bedford Ohio, I also reported a noise from the front drivers side of the car.  The lead Mitsubishi Technician looked at it and then stated "You have rubber spring stops in there to make it stiff, of course your going to have noise, I'm not going to waste my time looking at it"  Yes you heard right, not only does he not give a crap about my issue he doesn't even know those rubber stops are actually Mitsubishi shipping blocks that are supposed to be removed from the car before its sold.  So noting these issue with 34,000 miles on the car and having nothing but issues with Rick Case Mitsubishi I started to look online to see if anyone else has had this annoying knock in the front of their Evolution.  This is when I learned that a few dealers left the "Rubber Blocks" in the springs and caused all kinds of damage to the suspension. 


After learning this issue was caused by my first dealer (Medina Mitsubishi) that no longer exists, and after thinking the tech at Rick Case Mitsubishi had no idea what he was talking about when he looked at these blocks I wrote a letter on planet feedback.  It was a private letter to Mitsubishi in August, then I made a public letter in October with no response.  I then got the number:


Day or night, you can call 1-888-MITSU2011 (1-888-648-7820)  We're here to help. (right)


from another Mitsubishi dealer and contacted Mitsubishi Customer Care.  After 40 minutes on the phone explaining all my issues, they said I need to wait another day for a case worker.  Next day I get a call saying I should go back to Rick Case Mitsubishi.  Well, sorry that wont happen as I cant afford any more damage to my Evo X at this point. 


Did Mitsubishi lose a customer who has driven 2 AWD Talon TSi's, then bought 2 Lancer Evolutions brand new off the lot?  I am not sure yet but a BMW 335i with X-Drive is looking real nice now.


If you expect to get vehicle service on your Mitsubishi warranty while driving an Evolution, think again and ask lots of questions before they touch your car.